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December 2020 Featured Tech


Clean Room Cabinet Oven

Grieve’sNo.797 is a 260°F (127°C), clean room cabinet oven that can be used for drying coating on printed circuit boards. Workspace dimensions of this oven measure 36” W x 36” D x 39” H. 20 KW installed in Incoloy sheathed tubular heating elements, while a 1000 CFM, 1-1/2 HP recirculating blower provides horizontal airflow to the workload. This oven features 4” insulated walls, Type 304, 2B finish stainless steel interior with continuously back-welded seams and an exterior finished with white epoxy paint. Oven features include a #4 brushed stainless steel door cover and control panel face.Grieve

Low Profile Mid-Plane RJ45 Connectors

Stewart Connector introduced a series of low-profile mid-plane RJ45 connectors. The Mid-Plane RJ45 design allows the connector to straddle the board edge, and utilize space above and below the printed circuit board, compared to traditional RJ45 connectors that are only designed to mount above the printed circuit board. The Mid-Plane connectors offer a high-speed solution for a wide array of IoT applications, including servers/switches, video game systems, and portable storage devices. They RJ45 connectors support 1 and 2.5G data rates and 100 MHz transmission frequencies.Stewart Connector

VNA Test Cables’ Flex Life Exceed 100,000 Cycles

费尔文通过显微镜owave’s high-frequency VNA test cables display electrical properties such as a phase stability of +/- 6° at 50 GHz and +/- 8° at 70 GHz, as well as VSWR of 1.3:1 at 50 GHz and 1.4:1 at 70 GHz. The 50 GHz assemblies are terminated with 2.4mm connectors, while the 70 GHz versions utilize 1.85mm connectors. These test cables’ flex life exceed 1000,000 cycles and are suitable for use in semiconductor probe testing, and precise bench top testing. Their stainless steel connectors can provide up to 5,000 mating cycles.费尔文通过显微镜owave

Removable Lid Spring Pin Socket for QFN28

Ironwood Electronics introduced aQFN socketaddressing high-performance requirements for custom-sized devices called the CBT-QFN-7071. The contactor is astamped spring pinwith 14.5 gram actuation force per pin and a cycle life of 100,000 insertions. The self-inductance of the contactor is 0.98 nH, with an insertion loss of less than 1 dB at 31.7 GHz and a capacitance 0.067pF. The current capacity of each contactor is 4 amps. Socket temperature range is -55C to +180C. Socket also features an IC guide pocket inside the top pin guide for precise QFN edge alignment.Ironwood Electronics

FSW signal and spectrum analyzer upgraded

With the R&S FSW-B8001 option, the R&S FSW high-end signal and spectrum analyzer now supports an industry-leading 8.3 GHz internal analysis bandwidth, offering dynamic range and sensitivity. Design engineers developing the latest radar and wireless communications technologies as well as future satellite systems will benefit from the extended bandwidth available in a onebox solution. Covering an input frequency range of up to 90 GHz, the instrument offers dynamic range and sensitivity, precision and EVM performance. Applications for the R&S FSW include pulse measurements of A&D radar systems, satellite payload testing and amplifier pre-distortion tests.Rohde & Schwarz

Miniature Linear Voice Coil Motor Smaller is Than a Penny

Moticont introduces the 0.625 in. (15.9 mm) LVCM-016-010-01 Linear Voice Coil Actuator. The length at mid-stroke is 0.63 in. (15.9 mm) long. This miniature voice coil actuator has a continuous force of 5.9 oz (1.6 N) and a peak force of 18.6 oz (5.2 N), and features a 0.125 in. (3.2 mm) stroke. With its high acceleration/deceleration and low inertia, it is suitable for Haptic feedback in medical/surgical instruments, assembly, work holding and clamping, sorting, laser machining and drilling, packaging, sampling, scanning, and more.Moticont

Linear AC Power Sources

Pacific Power Source推出了一系列精密的可编程linear AC power sources for a wide range of AC power-test applications. The LMX Series consists of over 20 different models, ranging in power from 500VA to 30,000VA. Compared to more commonplace PWM switching AC power sources, the LMX Series uses linear technology to offer superior performance with respect to output noise, voltage distortion, output impedance, and peak current capability. The LMX Series also offers a 15Hz to 5,000Hz output frequency range, allowing the LMX to support navigational avionics equipment applications.Pacific Power Source

Integrated Single and Multi-Axis Stepper Motor Controller and Driver

Optimal Engineering Systems’ ICAD Series of integrated motion controllers and drivers for 2-phase stepper motors is available as 1-, 2-, 3-, and 4-axis modules. Suitable for NEMA 8 to NEMA 42 stepper motors, these compact 6.0 in. x 8.0 in. plug-and-play, integrated controllers incorporate high-resolution micro-stepping drivers for precise positioning. Other features include home and limit switches per axis, joystick interface, TTL/CMOS inputs and outputs, quadrature encoder feedback, USB and optional Ethernet interfaces permits each module to be customized for specific applications.OES


336-W Auxless AC/DC Power Supply Reference Design with 80 Plus Platinum Compatible Performance

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Power Factor Correct Basics and Design Considerations

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Isolated DC/DC Converters & Modules

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1-A, low-IQ, high-PSRR, adjustable, dual-channel low-dropout (LDO) voltage regulator

1-A, low-IQ, high-PSRR, adjustable, dual-channel low-dropout (LDO) voltage regulator

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